San Leonard (Social Firms Wales)

Supporting Strategic Commissioning event 10th March 2015

Workshop 2 - Social Firms – More service for less £££s a viable solution to historic day services for people with learning disabilities and those managing mental health issues This workshop will aim to: • High-light the technical aspects required to modernise a traditional day service provision which traded and the journey to independent status (if you want to go this far). • discuss why and how the Social Firm model of social enterprise works particularly well for people with disabilities and those managing mental health issues. • outline work that needs to be achieved to modernise and or externalise a day service . • give a first-hand account of the whole journey and what the future looks like from a group of traditional services that undertook the transition and is providing more service for the local authority for less £££s • talk about what has been learned from all perspectives and what could be done differently.
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